The Veterinary and Comparative Clinical Immunology Society (VCCIS) is an exciting global network of people with a passion for the workings of the immune system in health and disease. We are focused on how the immune system may be harnessed for good to treat some of the most debilitating and deadly diseases of the 21st Century. Whether your interest is autoimmunity, allergy, autoinflammation, immunodeficiency, or cancer immunology, we welcome you! We offer unique membership benefits and have a simple vision: A healthier world for pets and people. Our mission is to advance veterinary and comparative clinical immunology through the power of global networking, by means of knowledge creation and knowledge dissemination. Quite simply, we promote best clinical practice by best evidence-based medicine. We hope that you find something of interest to you in the pages of this website and would be delighted to welcome you into the VCCIS family if what you see inspires you to take the next step!

Membership is Open

We are excited to announce the Veterinary and Comparative Clinical Immunology Society (VCCIS) is now welcoming new members. To celebrate our launch, we are offering a discounted membership (50% of the membership fee for your first year) and access to a monthly seminar series beginning Sep 24, 2021 with Examining gene expression in canine interface dermatitis conditions, Hosted by Jillian Richmond.

To join VCCIS and learn more about our membership benefits, please visit us at

We look forward to welcoming you to VCCIS and advancing clinical veterinary immunology together.

Pilot Study Grants

We are also proud to offer pilot study grants of up to $6,000, with generous support from Boehringer Ingelheim.

  • The deadline for grant abstracts is 5 pm EDT on December 1st, 2021

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