ECVDI and ECVIM-CA Joint Radiation Oncology Programme

Radiation Oncology Subspeciality for ECVDI® and ECVIM-CA Diplomates 

The EBVS approved a radation oncology add-on programme for Diplomates of the ECVDI and ECVIM on 13th April 2013.
The EBVS recently approved the establishment of a new subspecialty in Radiation Oncology on 28th April 2022 which replaces the Add-on programme. This speciality programme is now shared between the EVCDI and ECVIM-CA.

Registration for this programme is via the ECVDI and there is more information (which is regularly updated) on the ECVDI website (please see the links below).

Please note that new applications for the old add-on programme are no longer accepted.

Links to the ECVDI website for further information regarding the new Radiation Oncology subspecialty

General information regarding the program can be found at:

Information regarding the evolution of this subspeciality can be found here:

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